We have a vastly experienced team to provide you a guide and services to make best memories of your tour. Having a separate specialized team for tour and trekking have always added a satisfaction to our previous customers. Our team members have an experince of over 15 years in this industry from different tour and trek service providers. 

With enormous knowledge on tour and trek locations, cultural and religious  understanding, politiccal mastery, our team is waiting to provide you a best possible services.


  • Santosh Neupane
    Managing Director

    Santosh Neupane

    Meet Santosh Neupane: Our Visionary Managing Director

    Introducing the visionary leader at the helm of Admire Nepal Tour and Trek, Mr. Santosh Neupane, our esteemed Managing Director. Boasting over a decade of hands-on experience in the family tour business, Santosh is a seasoned professional with a profound commitment to unveiling the heart and soul of Nepal to the global community.

    What sets Santosh apart is not just his extensive expertise but a passionate drive to immerse travellers in the rich tapestry of Nepal's culture, landscapes, art, architecture, and spirituality. His journey is not merely a professional trajectory; it's a personal quest to share the enchanting stories and experiences that make Nepal an unparalleled destination.

    Adding an international flair to his profile, Santosh has resided in Europe for 14 years, a period during which he traversed over 25 countries. This global exposure has not only enriched his understanding of diverse cultures but has also granted him a unique insight into the mindset of the modern traveller. Santosh Neupane, with his global perspective and deep-rooted passion, is not just leading Admire Nepal; he is crafting journeys that transcend ordinary travel, making each expedition an exploration of the soul. Join us in embracing the world through his eyes, where every adventure is a testament to the beauty and diversity that Nepal offers.

  • Simran Pujari
    Sales Manager

    Simran Pujari

    Simran Pujari: Our Dynamic Sales Manager

    We are thrilled to introduce Ms Simran Pujari, the driving force behind our sales endeavours as the Sales Manager at Admire Nepal Tour and Trek. With an impressive tenure of over 5 years in the tourism industry, Simran is a seasoned professional with a passion for crafting memorable travel experiences.

    A proud graduate in Hotel Management and Travel and Tourism, Simran's academic foundation aligns seamlessly with her role as a Sales Manager. Her expertise spans a wide spectrum of skills, making her an invaluable asset to our team. Simran excels in ticketing, demonstrating a meticulous approach to travel logistics. Her proficiency extends to curating customized packages tailored to meet the unique preferences of our discerning clientele.

    Along with excellent guest handling, she approaches each interaction with warmth, ensuring that every traveller feels not just like a guest but a cherished part of the Admire Nepal family. Simran Pujari embodies the spirit of hospitality and professionalism, playing a pivotal role in transforming travel aspirations into unforgettable journeys. Join us in experiencing the seamless fusion of expertise and genuine care under the guidance of our esteemed Sales Manager, Simran Pujari.

  • Rajesh Khanal
    Tour guide

    Rajesh Khanal

    Rajesh is our senior tour guide. He has been guiding tour for quite a long time. Whether its a solo tour or grour tour, tour with a kids, adults or elderlies, he has been always the best choice for us and our customers due to his cool, calm and discipline nature. He has a awesome knowledge and information on every aspects of Kathmandu, Pokhara, lumbini, Chitwan, Nagarkot and other tour destinations. 

  • Rabin Neupane
    Tour Operator /Trekking expert &Guide

    Rabin Neupane

    Rabin has been tour guide for over 15 years. His expertise in hiking and trekking is beyond expectation of the visitors. Beside that he is a very friendly, humble and caring personality. 

    His knowledge in local culture, tradition, religious norms, political situation and literature is outstanding. Trust us!!! you will get to know pretty much everything regarding Nepal with him.

  • Raju Neupane
    Trekking Guide

    Raju Neupane

    Raju is our professional and licensed trekking guide. He has guided over 150 international tourists to Nepals major trekking destinations via different tour companies.  He is now one of the leading trekking guide in Admire Nepal Tours. His expertise are mostly based in   Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Mardi Himal, Mount Manaslu Trek .