We have a vastly experienced team to provide you a guide and services to make best memories of your tour. Having a separate specialized team for tour and trekking have always added a satisfaction to our previous customers. Our team members have an experince of over 15 years in this industry from different tour and trek service providers. 

With enormous knowledge on tour and trek locations, cultural and religious  understanding, politiccal mastery, our team is waiting to provide you a best possible services.


  • Santosh Neupane
    Managing Director

    Santosh Neupane

    Santosh has been working in a tourism sector directly or indirectly for 10 years. His experience in tour industry is a great asset of our company. Customer care has always been his top most priority. While living in Europe for over 12 years, he got chance to interact with the local people and started gathering their interest and curiosity in Nepalese culture, food, religion, nature, adventure and all other aspects. Considering their interests, comments and feedback regarding tour in Nepal , he has decided to lead the team and provide best possible service to the customers travelling to Nepal. 

  • Sujal Bhattarai
    Marketing Manager

    Sujal Bhattarai

    Greetings, I'm Sujal Bhattarai, a dedicated Marketing Manager. "As an accomplished Marketing Manager, I specialize in orchestrating international endeavors aimed at advancing Nepal's thriving tourism sector. Armed with a solid educational foundation in Bsc Hons Computing, I bring over two years of dedicated service at Admire Nepal Tours & Trek Pvt. Ltd to the table. My expertise extends to collaborating with esteemed international agencies and clients, all in pursuit of strategically elevating Nepal's presence on the global stage. I'm committed to devising and executing marketing strategies that unveil Nepal's unique charm to the world. Passionate about making every traveler's experience unforgettable in Nepal. Through my work, I bring the captivating stories of Nepal to life.

  • Rajesh Khanal
    Tour guide

    Rajesh Khanal

    Rajesh is our senior tour guide. He has been guiding tour for quite a long time. Whether its a solo tour or grour tour, tour with a kids, adults or elderlies, he has been always the best choice for us and our customers due to his cool, calm and discipline nature. He has a awesome knowledge and information on every aspects of Kathmandu, Pokhara, lumbini, Chitwan, Nagarkot and other tour destinations. 

  • Rabin Neupane
    Tour Operator /Trekking expert &Guide

    Rabin Neupane

    Rabin has been tour guide for over 15 years. His expertise in hiking and trekking is beyond expectation of the visitors. Beside that he is a very friendly, humble and caring personality. 

    His knowledge in local culture, tradition, religious norms, political situation and literature is outstanding. Trust us!!! you will get to know pretty much everything regarding Nepal with him.

  • Raju Neupane
    Trekking Guide

    Raju Neupane

    Raju is our professional and licensed trekking guide. He has guided over 150 international tourists to Nepals major trekking destinations via different tour companies.  He is now one of the leading trekking guide in Admire Nepal Tours. His expertise are mostly based in   Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Mardi Himal, Mount Manaslu Trek .